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As a third party seller on Amazon, negative feedback can be detrimental for your sales and rankings on the platform – especially if you are still building a reputation and receive early negative feedback that is unwarranted. If you end up in a situation where you need to respond to negative feedback, below we outline best practices on how to tackle the challenge:

1. Contact the Customer Via the Amazon Platform

Amazon has a strict policy which prohibits sellers from pressuring buyers into removing negative product or seller feedback. Sellers can contact buyers to improve their overall experience on Amazon and answer specific questions ask (nicely) about removing negative feedback if any problems are resolved. Amazon offers specific instructions that you’ll want to supply to the customer on how to remove feedback, assuming they are willingly committed to doing so. In the case where the customer will not remove feedback, the seller can respond publicly to the comments to acknowledge the concern and let other shoppers know that your company is an engaged and caring seller.

2. Amazon Removing Seller Feedback

On occasion, there are also some situations in which Amazon itself will remove feedback. According to Amazon policy they will remove feedback when:

The feedback contains obscenities or inappropriate language.
The feedback contains seller-specific data, like email addresses, names, addresses, etc.
The seller feedback comment is product focused.

Please note that buyers have 90 days from purchase to leave feedback. Removing feedback must happen within 60 days of posting. Our advice is to address negative feedback as quickly and ethically as possible. Your seller ranking and company reputation is in the hands of the consumer – manage it the best your can and you will increase your seller ranking and ratings and as a by-product sales and revenue.

Digital BrandWorks can help you manage reviews and feedback to protect your reputation.

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