A new report by Big Commerce states that ecommerce will grow to a 2 trillion world-wide market in 2015. Small and medium sized businesses are more poised than ever to take a chunk of this business.

Below is the summary of their findings:

• Bigcommerce predicts B2C ecommerce sales will hit $2T
worldwide in 2015

• Bigcommerce predicts U.S. SMB ecommerce revenues will exceed $100B in 2015 . (Estimates from other surveys project that b2c ecommerce will reach over $300 billion in the US in 2015).

• Ecommerce market is ripe for disruption.

• The democratization of commerce is now: SMBs are winning business from the giants in their industries.

Clearly, there appears to be an opportunity to advance small businesses into ecommerce quickly. The barriers to entry in terms of technology and costs are falling daily and manufacturers are less concerned with disrupting their distribution and retail chains than ever. So, we anticipate that more manufacturers (as well as small retailers) will use this channel as a way to reach new customers, test new products, and sell more.

If you are a small business looking to enter ecommerce for the first time, Digital BrandWorks can help with everything from forecasting to back office.

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